Metafab Engineers- Best Sheet Metal Fabricator

Metafab Engineers is a premier custom metal design and fabrication manufacturer, supplier and exporter located in Delhi, India. From conception to completion, Metafab Engineers is your complete source and supplier for sheet metal manufacturing.

We are a leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of systems to safely and reliably protect your electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems in space, defense, industrial, data communications, commercial construction and retail applications besides others.

Our product range features a wide array of enclosures, retail accessories and sheet metal components like weather proof (IP/ NEMA rated for outdoor purpose) enclosures, defence for Army, Navy and Airforce panels, ss skirtings, suggestion boxes, mail boxes, brackets, aluminium pole clamps, stainless steel tanks, milk testing units, telecom racks, 19 inch racks, U racks, brackets, suggestion box, mailing box, medical equipment, scientific testing equipment bodies, handrails , etc.

We are into manufacturing customized enclosures / panels made of Mild Steel (MS), Stainless Steel (SS), Aluminium, Galvanised Iron (GI), Copper, Brass, Angles and Pipes.

We can provide different kinds of finishes like powder coating, anodizing, zinc plating etc. as per the client's requirement.

We are providing best sheet metal fabrication in Delhi NCR including Gurgaon, Faridabad, Sonepat, or outflung areas like Bihar, West Bengal, U.P., Orissa, Assam,Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, our sheet metal fabrication services are appreciated everywhere. Metafab is the "Best Sheet Metal Fabricator Near You, For You"

Metafab Engineers custom sheet metal fabrication products are being exported to different parts of the globe including the Middle East, Australia, Japan, Europe, America, Afganistan and Nepal.

With full production capabilities, Metafab Engineers is your complete metal designing and fabricating partner - from the initial designing, planning to the final polish. For more information on our capabilities, contact us.

Medical Instruments

Metafab Engineers has special expertise in manufacturing medical instruments, chassis , panels, carts ranging from Blood Pressure Machines, physiotherapy machines, Convective Patient Warming Systems  to high end medical  gas supply units.We are manufacturing and...

IP65 Industrial Panels Workstations

Are you looking for the best sheet metal fabricator near you who can custom fabricate metal bodies, chassis and panel?

Metafab Engineers manufacture high end workstations, trolleys, bins, conveyor belt parts, brackets in stainless steel( grades SS 316, SS 304, SS202 ) ,...

Robotic Kits and Spare Parts

Are you looking for the best sheet metal fabricator near you who can custom fabricate metal bodies, chassis and panel for robotic parts and spare parts in MS, SS  or Aluminium?

Metafab Engineers manufactures and fabricates customized metal components and parts of...

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